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We spent the past 50 years working in the cooling tower industry. During that time, we have noticed that the same problems plague almost every counterflow cooling tower. Those problems revolve mostly around the water distribution system and the fill media.

Cooling towers are a neglected piece of equipment in almost every facility and yet, they can stop production in a moment’s notice. Almost all towers suffer from poor water distribution. They utilize cheap, circular spray patter nozzles that are unable to cover the fill media uniformly. To over compensate, the nozzles are positioned to overlap which causes another problem. Uneven water loading. This problem floods the fill in certain areas and causes massive wall water. These two results reduce capacity by as much as 10%.

We’ve developed a nozzle the eliminates these problems by simply spraying water in a uniform square pattern. Just doing this one thing right, solves this problems that have plagued the industry for years. Watch this video below to see it in action.

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