About Us

A Leader in Cooling Tower Innovation

As a young man, Harold Curtis worked for Fluor cooling tower company building large wood cooling towers. He quickly worked his way to foreman and began to see opportunities for an independent rebuilder in the market dominated by large players.

Forming Midwest Towers

In 1974, Harold Curtis formed Midwest Towers, Inc. and began his run as a force of change in the cooling tower industry. Harold enjoyed immediate success as an independent contractor rebuilding towers. Until this time, all repairs were performed by the original manufacturer of the tower. These companies were notoriously slow and often over-charged clients for needless changes. In a very short amount of time, Harold built Midwest Towers to a thriving business that sold treated lumber and contracted large rebuilds. He sold this business to a group of investors in 1980 and planned to retire. Midwest Towers is active in the business today.

Forming Tower Tech, Inc.

Harold quickly decided that retirement in his early 40’s didn’t suit him and from that point he began working on a new kind of cooling tower. In 1984, Harold formed Tower Tech, Inc. with the goal being to invent a cooling tower that solved many if not all of the problems that plagued cooling towers. This belief led to the invention of the patented modular cooling tower design utilized by Tower Tech to this day. Tower Tech grew from a business started in a garage to a 25 million dollar global company traded on the Nasdaq. Tower Tech used the modular design to build a rental fleet of cooling towers which revolutionized the rental cooling tower industry. In 1998, Aggreko LLC purchased the rental fleet from Tower Tech and since then they have used their vast network to grow the rental business dramatically.

New Technology

Spin Free nozzle has revolutionized the nozzle industry and is leading the way to become a lead player in the tower rebuild market once again.

Munters AB

In 2010, an agreement was reached with Munters to license our patented water collection system for their HVAC equipment. They also added our 1″ nozzle to their OASIS product line which is used in data center cooling worldwide.