An easy way to increase cooling tower performance.

In general, cooling towers are thought of as the least important piece of equipment in most facilities. I’ve actually had plant managers tell me that cooling tower repairs are perpetually on the bottom of their “to-do” lists every year. As a result, over half of all the cooling towers in the world are underperforming.

The consequences of having and underperforming cooling tower are pretty straight forward. The owner of the cooling tower has to cut rates or produce less than the optimal amount as a result of the bottleneck caused by the “supply” water temps.

One of the easiest ways to increase performance of a counterflow cooling tower is to upgrade the water distribution nozzles. The performance and spray pattern of your cooling tower nozzles are key to the overall efficiency of your cooling tower. When the nozzles don’t distribute water evenly, air slips right past the water through the void areas. RoundPattern

This image makes it’s pretty simple to understand the critical nature of getting your water distribution in top working order. It’s literally one of the most important parts of any cooling tower. Yet most facilities neglect doing this simple work.

Our Spin Free and Variable Flow nozzles both produce square patterns that allow you to have complete, uniform coverage of the fill media. Our nozzles can boost your cooling tower’s performance immediately with little cost and in a very short time.

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