Are your flooding your fill media?

If you’ve ever noticed brown spots on your lawn near green, overly weedy areas, then you’ve likely adjusted your sprinklers. The reason? You’ve wanted to achieve perfect hydraulic balance to keep those weedy areas from being so flooded with water, and to ensure those crispy brown spots receive a much-needed drink.

Likewise, if you’ve ever noticed your cooling tower’s corrugated cellular film media flooded and clogged in some areas and underserved in others, you’ve likely wanted to balance out that watering, too. That’s because in the cooling industry, unbalanced water loading equals poor thermal performance.

Balance means every flute of the fill media receives an equal volume of water flowing through it. Too much water flow results in flooding of the flute, which ultimately restricts airflow. Too little water flow will result in air doing little or no work, because when voids, or uneven water loading patterns, exist, then the moving air will migrate to the point of least resistance. These voids become little chimneys that allow the air to escape through the fill media.

All of that escaping or restricted air makes your cooling tower much less efficient. The process wastes energy. It wastes water. And it wastes your money.

The solution, of course, is efficient hydraulic balance across all those fill media. The problem, however, is that balancing water loading is a notoriously difficult hat trick.

Until now.

The Variable Flow Nozzle from Curtis Technologies creates truly hydraulically balanced water loading across all fill media. Balanced loading not only eliminates voids, which greatly improves thermal efficiency, but it also minimizes fouling, which greatly extends the serviceable life of the fill media. How does it work? The Variable Flow Nozzle isn’t like other industry nozzles. It produces near-perfect square water patterns, and therein lies all the difference.

As you know, today’s spray nozzles produce a circular, umbrella-shaped water pattern, the culprit behind that uneven water loading and poor thermal performance. Think on this: conventional nozzles render a whopping 22% of the fill media without water. Knowing about this critical loss, the industry overlaps nozzles, but that practice results in even heavier loading where the overlaps occur, and, of course, minimal loading elsewhere. In the end you’ve still got flooded, suffocated media next to minimally watered, chimney-type media. You’ve spent extra money on overlapping the nozzles, only to find that you’ve lost money in the continually poor thermal performance of your tower.

That’s exactly why we created the Variable Flow Nozzle. We want to save you money and make your cooling tower as efficient as it can be. Not only will the Variable Flow Nozzle’s unique geometric profile evenly disburse and diffuse the exiting water over fill media in a balanced, three-foot-by-three-foot square water pattern, but it will ensure that your corrugated fill media lasts as long as possible.

If you’re looking to significantly improve thermal performance and achieve true hydraulic balance for your cooling tower application, then give us a call at 405-476-7003 to learn more about the revolutionary new Variable Flow Nozzle.