Munters Leads the Way in Data Center Cooling

munters-oasisThe demand for Data Centers is growing at an accelerated pace and keeping these facilities constantly operational is essential. Alongside this absolute focus on reliability, the industry is also now seeking solutions that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with data center operations.

Munters Oasis IEC solutions have now been installed in a wide variety of data centers across North America, Europe Asia and Australasia. These systems circulate the primary air from the white space through heat exchangers which are cooled using a combination of outdoor air movement and evaporation. The indoor and outdoor airstreams never mix, resulting in a minimal requirement for filtration.

Munters AB has been utilizing our 1″ nozzle in their Oasis IEC product since it’s launch. We hare happy to support them and look forward to a long relationship. Click here to learn more about the industry leading Oasis IEC product.