Cooling Tower Nozzles

“We spent 30 years working to develop the perfect nozzle for the cooling tower industry. That journey has seen many failures, but through those failures we have logged pages of data that have led us to the products we proudly sell today.”

The Variable Flow Nozzle



The VFN nozzle is truly amazing. It has taken years to perfect, but we believe this generation has the ability to change the cooling tower industry. A simple nozzle retrofit, has the ability to add as much as 10% more performance to any counterflow cooling tower. Click here to see a few customer stories.

VFN Features

  • Square Pattern – Uniform spray pattern is #1 key to performance.
  • Close placement to fill media. Just 2″
  • Amazing Turndown Ratio – The nozzle maintains the same pattern from 50-150 gpm.
  • Spring loaded design allows for varying water pressures (huge benefit).

Performance Data

The VFN has been tested against a 9 nozzle configuration. This configuration is essentially a 1 nozzle per square foot approach and is used to canvas a fill media. This type of configuration serves as a bench mark comparison. Our setup uses 4 nozzle for every 9 square feet and it performs at nearly the same rate. The graph below shows the comparison.



Click here to download a spec sheet.

The SpinFree Nozzle

Primarily used in Industrial or dirty water applications, the SpinFree nozzle has four major design features that each will contribute significant value to the operations of cooling towers and other heat transfer equipment.

This nozzle has many of the same features as the Variable Flow. This nozzle is more clog-free and should be used in dirty water applications. This nozzle has also been successfully used in the fish farming and waste water industries.

This nozzle has been adopted by Tower Tech into their XR series of cooling tower. You can retrofit existing Tower Tech modular towers with the 4″ nozzle to this system using our kit. Click here to see photos of how it’s done.

Click here to view the Spin Free nozzle spec sheet.


Spin Free Nozzle Features

  • Square Pattern – Uniform spray pattern is #1 key to performance.
  • Close placement to fill media. Just 2″
  • Very reliable, clog free operation.
  • Great is waste water and trickling filters.
  • 4 Different orifice sizes available.


Spin Free Nozzle