Water Collection Technology

Next Evolution of Water Collection Technology

Harold Curtis founded Tower Tech in the late 80’s with the goal to change the cooling tower industry. He accomplished that with the invention of the first bottom mounted fan cooling tower. 

To accomplish that feat, he invented a water collection system that would both collect the falling water of the counterflow cooling tower but also allow the cool intake airstream to pass through it. This concept has been the core technology of the Tower Tech modular cooling tower since it’s inception. 

After almost 30 years of operation, this once “crazy” approach has proven itself to be both highly reliable and much better concept for owners looking for a more environmentally friendly and reduced maintenance cooling tower.

New Features

This animation shows how the collector operates and how the damper opens and closes when the fan is turned off and on. 


Our new water collector for cooling towers is constructed of 24 gauge stainless steel sheet. We take this sheet and water jet our designs for precision accuracy and ease of assembly. The end result is a part that easier to assemble and more reliable to build versus plastic extrusion. You end up with parts that easily nestle and can be shipped in a much more cost effective manner.

This water collector is built in modular sections that nestle together in the tower box. Each section weighs about 40 pounds and can be installed by hand versus having to use a crane to air lift the entire assembly into place. This is a massive factor in retrofit projects.

This new collector is patent pending and incorporates many new innovations that make it the premier product in bottom mounted fan equipment. There are many opportunities for other pieces of equipment to use this technology and we are seeking out new opportunities every day.

The original purpose of the water collector was to allow a way for us to position cooling tower fan motors on the bottom of the tower, in the cool intake airstream, rather than the top of the tower in the harsh environment. Our unique design made a way for that to happen.


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